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Merced Horesemen's Association Scholarship Application


Scholarships available (quantities may change at the discretion of committee): $500.00 MHA Scholarship and $500.00 Bob Hefner Scholarship

1.  Student must be an active participating member of the         Merced Horsemen's Association in the current year of           application and must be a graduating senior or an                 enrolled college student.

2.  A personal interview may be requested. You will be               contacted so that a meeting can be arranged with the           Scholarship Committee.  

3.  Applicant must be enrolled or continue to be enrolled           within one calendar year at a community college, four-         year college or university.

4.  You may present at a board meeting or mail proof of

     enrollment to:


     PO Box 2585

     Merced, CA  95344

5.  All Scholarship payments will be made directly to the           recipient upon receipt of "Proof of Enrollment".

6.  Deadline for applications accompanied by one letter             of recommendation by March 1st. All applications are 

     to be typed. A resume is required. Along with an essay, 

     details are in the scholarship instructions.

7.  An official transcript for grades 9-12 needs to be 


8.  Send applications to:

      Merced Horsemens Association 

      PO Box 2585

      Merced, CA  95344

Email Questions to:

Download Applications to Apply
MHA Scholarship Application
Bob Hefner AG Scholarship Application
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