High School Competitions

Merced Horseman’s Association High School Series is dedicated to promoting and organizing equestrian competition in high school athletic or activity programs.

It is our main goal to provide recognition in the high schools of the equestrian athlete and to give an opportunity to achieve that recognition in a fair, positive and educational format. The goals are to encourage team play, peer acceptance, good horsemanship and to have cooperative adult supervised
leadership for all students in grades 9 through 12, and junior high students 5-8.

High School Teams will consist of a minimum of 4 riders and a maximum of 6 riders.  Top 4 points will count towards team totals.  A team can be formed with members that have a single unifying factor such as a trainer, barn or a school.  Each team must have one adult coach responsible for the team. High school students may also compete individually as well, but are encouraged to join or find a team. 


Junior high students will compete as an individual. 

For  more information please contact: Erin Camp 209-769-1952 for more information. Entry form is attached on this page. All participants must be a member of MHA.  A junior membership (under 18) is just $30.00

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