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Merced Horsemen's Association was founded in 1939 to foster knowledge, understanding and appreciation of horses; to foster and promote horsemanship in the community; and to sponsor activities to help develop good moral character among youth.  Today, we continue that tradition with many horse related activities:  trail rides,  gymkhanas, cattle events, cowboy challenges, clinics,  and more. 

Come enjoy the fun as a participant or a volunteer.

Become a Merced Horsemen Member today! 

merced horsemens association

This is a club that you can join to ride your horse or volunteer at! 

We DO NOT offer riding lessons, but we can refer you to individuals that do!


The Cowboy Code

Live each day with courage

Take pride in your work

Always finish what you start

Do what has to be done

Be tough but fair

When you make a promise, Keep It

Ride for the Brand

Talk less and say more

Remember that some things aren't for sale

Know where to draw the line!

by James P. Owen

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is proud to offer  

Molly's Custom Silver for all it's Events. 


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